Why Buyers Choose Us

If you are buying a property in today’s market, you need someone with the expertise and attention to detail to guide you through the process. Our team at Ozadeproperties has developed a level of home buying expertise unmatched in Nigeria to meet these needs. At Ozade Properties, our goal is to help Property buyers and investors purchase the best property available at a price that is right.

Whether it is your first time buying a property or your fifth, it is important to know why you are in the market to buy – did you just relocate, as a result of your job or is time against your project,
and you need to settle as soon as possible? The more you outline, the more likely you will meet
your goals in the long run.

We will guide you through the processes involved in finding the property of your dreams, and to  update you on every step of the buying process.

The moment you have bought the property and fulfilled the terms of the purchase price, you will meet us to complete the transaction by signing all the documents. You will be able to review all the documents before signing.

For most people, owning a home will be one of the largest investments they will make. It is important to maintain insurance on the home, protecting your assets and valuables within – but
most importantly – enjoy your home!

Our consultation services include general advice on Contract and Deeds Preparation, Leasing
and Purchase Options, Financing, Negotiation, Purchase Agreement, and Title Examinations.


Why Sellers Choose Us

Our team will take your questions regarding pricing, marketing & negotiations, and provide answers, as well as guides that will make the processes seamless. As experts with years of experience and certified records, it is our duty to guide you through every step, from begining of the process to the end. It is our delight for you to get the most return on your investment within the shortest time possible therefore, we provide you with detailed analysis on market comparisons between your home and recently sold homes, as a guide to inform decision on the worth of your property in today’s market.

There are steps you have to take before listing your property that will help you secure a seamless selling process. The following processes will help you to make an informed decision regarding
your property:

Is The Property Ready?

You should start by ensuring that your property is ready for sale and marketable. Make sure that you have the right to sell, and that there is no existing encumbrances on the Property. If the property is a house, taking simple steps like repairs, painting and removing unwanted items will be necessary

Do I Need Professional Assistance?

Yes, you need professional assistance when considering selling your property, as a real estate expert will expose your mind to the happenings in the market. The expert will tell you things as they are, even when they don’t seem favourable to you. You should also extract information concerning the following from the expert:

• they price and Market Value of your property
• the service fee of the expert
• any challenges regarding your decision to sell your property.
• existence of rules and regulations

Marketing Your Home

Ozade will deploy every necessary and effective medium to advertise your property. Once engaged and presented with the necessary files, your property will be available on the social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms like emails, and weekly magazines. It is important to discuss with our team for other available plans.

Observing Regulations

There are existing laws that regulate certain transactions affecting your property. The observance of these laws are mandatory, and will either determine the validity or otherwise of any transaction affecting your property. Ozade will guide you through all the ins and outs of these laws, and ensure that they are duly followed to validate any transactions affecting your property.

Share The Good News With Your Friends And Relatives

Once all your hard work has paid off – you begin your moving process. You can do this referring your friends, and relatives to engage us in all the dealings involving their property. CHEERS!