Why Sellers Choose Us

Our team will take your questions regarding pricing, marketing & negotiations, and provide answers, as well as guides that will make the processes stress-free.

As experts with years of experience and certified records, it is our duty to guide you through every step, from begining of the process to the end.

It is our delight for you to get the most return on your investment within the shortest time possible therefore, we provide you with detailed analysis on market comparisons between your home and recently sold homes, as a guide to inform decision on the worth of your property in today’s market.

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Things to Consider when Selling

There are steps you have to take before listing your property, that will help you secure a smooth selling process. The follwing processes will help you to make an informed decision regarding your property:

Is the Property Ready?

You should start by ensuring that your porperty is ready for sale and marketable. Make sure that you have the right to sell, and that there is no existing encumbrances on the Property. If the property is a house, taking simple steps like repairs, paiting and removing unwanted items from the closet can freshen up the house.

Do I Need a REALTOR?

Yes, you need a realtor when considering selling your property, as a realtor will expose your mind to the happenings in the market. A good realtor will tell you things as they are, even when they don’t seem favourable to you. You should also extract information concerning the following from your realtor:

• They price and Market Value of your property

• The service fee of the realtor

• Any challenges regarding your decision to sell your property.

• Existence of rules and regulations

Setting your Selling Price

You should set a competive price for your property, and avoid overpricing, as that could make potential buyers to loose interest in the property and turn to another property.

As your realtor, we will help you to find the fair, and comparable market value for your property. Generally, the asking price is 1-3 percent higher than the fair market value; this will give room for negotiations in the process.

Marketing Your Home

At Ozade Properties, Company, will deploy every necessary and effective medium to advertise your property. Once engaged and presented with the necessary files, your property will available on the social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms like emails, and weekly magazines. It is important to discuss with our team for other available plans.

The Choice of a Good Offer

In today’s market, it is unlikely for buyers to offer you the asking price of your property therefore, it is important for you to consider the following questions to enable you arrive at the decision that will protect your interest. Most often, there is a balance between the asking price and what someone is willing to pay. There are a number of factors you should ask when looking at a buyer’s offer – is the offer near your asking price and will you be at ease in accepting it, do you have time to wait for better offers to come in and are you willing to risk passing up this offer? Do you gamble on someone who is making a better offer but does not have financing guaranteed or is it better to take a little less on a guaranteed purchase? You also have the option of counter-offering, but risk the buyer walking away. We guide you through these difficult choices.

Observing Regulations

There are existing laws that regulate certain transactions affecting your property. The observance of this laws and mandatory, and wil either determine the validity or otherwise of any transaction affecting your property. Ozade Property Company, will guide you through all the ins and outs of these laws, and ensure that duly followed to validate any transactions affecting your property.

Share the good news with your friends and relatives

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